Niché dans un écrin de nature bien caché, offrant une ambiance florale à l’esprit « jungle chic ». La décoration exotique et le mur végétal de l’établissement ne pourront que vous fasciner.


28/10 – NILO.


Date: 28 October 2021
Duration: 1 Day
Type: open
Entrants: 50

Nilo’s music is mainly focused on authenticity, energy flow , and interesting melodies. Influenced by folk, rap , and rock music. His pop songs create a cinematic vibe, that can be listened to before going to sleep. Or makes you sing out loud during a show.

It seems important to mention that even though Nilo is now writing more songs in English. You will still find a lot of French project in his discography.

Now 24, Nilo Griffin released his first professional project in July 2021 : SAD BOY HOUR. This EP was written, produce, and engineered by him during Paris’s second covid lockdown .